Taylor Kingsley Photo Project – March 2014

  For our monthly photo project, the topic was “Hands”. I had a bunch of ideas (including confronting my dislike of my own hands through a little self-portrait therapy). As time began to run out, I realized I had two eager helpers whose hands are always up to something. This photo perfectly captures my kids happy […]

Taylor Kingsley Photo Project – February 2014 MUSIC

The photo project continues with Paul Kingsley – February’s word being Music. Music is very important in our house. My husband has a vinyl record collection anyone would be envious of and has encouraged my love of old swing and gypsy jazz by adding to his collection with musicians I love. Our sons have various […]

Monthly Photo Project – January 2014 ARCHIVE

My dear friend Paul Kingsley and I decided to resurrect our monthly photo project and the word for January is “Archive”. I’ve chosen one of the photos I took in Mexico on a bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca, along a winding road with nothing but thinly barbed fences protecting land from traveled road. After […]

NY/LA Photo Project: March 2012 Icon

For February’s theme, I chose the word Icon. The Andy Monument in Union Square seemed fitting not only because it represents a NYC icon in Andy Warhol but also because it’s a striking piece of art. It stands out, like Warhol did and like the city itself does. Beautiful, interesting, unusual, and memorable. Read below […]

NY/LA Photo Project: February 2012 Beauty

For this month’s word “Beauty” I had originally intended to shoot St Patrick’s Cathedral. In my 10+ years in NY I had never stepped foot inside and part of what I love about this project is being exposed to things I might not otherwise be in the city I live in. I took the day […]

NY/LA Photo Project: January 2012 Action

I’m not sure why I had such a difficult time with “Action” but I did. It’s so wide open and specific at the same time. I try to make these photos truly New York City centric so in the end I chose the Green Market in Union Square. This place is always hopping, people buying, […]

Asparagus and Prime Rib

I’m a little behind on posting photos but wanted to finally get these up. Just to clarify, I’m not eating prime rib every day. These photos are from the Christmas Eve dinner prepared by my sister in law Dawn and yes, it was as delicious as it looks.

NY/LA Photo Project: Photographer’s Choice (December 2011)

December is obviously a busy month so Paul and I decided to take it easy with our pick and go with “photographer’s choice”. This photo was taken with my phone which I know many will frown upon. I’ve had an idea on my mind for a while now, capturing the view of entering Manhattan from […]