My dear friend Paul Kingsley and I decided to resurrect our monthly photo project and the word for January is “Archive”. I’ve chosen one of the photos I took in Mexico on a bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca, along a winding road with nothing but thinly barbed fences protecting land from traveled road. After spending a short time in Mexico City, we boarded the bus for a 6 ½ hour ride to Oaxaca. While there was reading, writing in my travel journal, and trying to decipher the movie “Holes” in Spanish, most of my time was spent staring out the window. It was meditative letting my mind wander, passing through both small towns and along stretches of land with nothing in sight. I can taste the tamales we bought from a vendor on the side of the road, her small red and white cooler holding the best meal I had the entire trip. Have spent so many years in the city, traveling primarily underground, it was refreshing to spend the time looking out the window at the passing landscape.

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