The photo project continues with Paul Kingsley – February’s word being Music. Music is very important in our house. My husband has a vinyl record collection anyone would be envious of and has encouraged my love of old swing and gypsy jazz by adding to his collection with musicians I love. Our sons have various musical instruments in their room including bongo drums and tambourines and like to sit on their daddy’s lap helping him strum a guitar. Each morning on the way to school, we let one of them choose the music based on sound of the notes and voices alone and their preferences are already becoming apparent.

For this month’s photo I toyed with a few different ideas and took a bunch of photos settling on this one for its lovely simplicity. I used my husband’s Fender Stratocaster and laid it on the beautiful original wood floors of our 1930’s California bungalow with the afternoon sun pouring in.

Stay tuned for next months photo and keep an eye on Paul’s blog for his interpretation of this month’s topic music.

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