NY/LA Photo Project – Memory (September 2011)

Photo: 539 West 162nd Street For September’s theme, I chose the word Memory because I thought it would be a good challenge and started thinking of various ideas, discarding the first few that were strong in memory but didn’t have any relation to my city. The idea for the above diptych came about because for […]

NY/LA Project – Forgotten (August 2011)

Continuing my project with friend and fellow photographer Paul Kingsley (see his photo for August here), this project was a challenge for me. When I initially thought of the word “Forgotten”, images of abandoned buildings, deserted cars, people down and out on their luck came to mind. After some thought, I decided I wanted to […]

NY/LA Photo Project

My friend Paul and I decided to start a collaboration to keep each other inspired in our photography. The project involves choosing a word each month and shooting that word within the context of our cities, he in Los Angeles and myself in New York. June’s word was “Paradise”. Originally from Southern California, my definition […]