I count it happiness,
Ere we go quickly thither whence we came,
To gaze ungrieving on these majesties,
The world-wide sun, the stars, water and clouds,
and fire. Live, Parmeno, a hundred years
Or a few months, these you will always see
and never, never, any greater things.
Think of this life-time as a festival
Or visit to a strange city, full of noise,
Buying and selling, thieving, dicing stalls
And joy parks. If you leave it early, friend,
Why, think you have gone to find a better inn:
You have paid your fare and leave no enemies


A little baking today (coffee cake) – I love seeing all of the ingredients laid out ready to use. You’ll be seeing a few more photos over the next day or so. Have really been in need of a kick in the pants, to be re-inspired. I think part of it is the weather, I definitely am affected by too many cold and dreary days and always get a bit anxious as winter draws to a close. I’m dreaming of warm sun on my face, the lack of a heavy coat, lighter clothing and fresh air. I hope the groundhog was wrong (doesn’t he always see his shadow? I think it’s a crock!)

In the meantime it’s a touch warmer outside, we are doing some rearranging and painting around the house, and my spirits are a little higher with warm baked goods and a home that smells delicious and inviting.

(effect using Dave Jaseck’s Midnight Black action – I love this action!)

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