When I have
ceased to break my wings 

Against the
faultiness of things, 

And learned
that compromises wait 

Behind each
hardly opened gate, 

When I have
looked Life in the eyes, 

Grown calm
and very coldly wise, 

Life will
have given me the Truth, 

And taken
in exchange–my youth. 

Sara Teasdale 

I spent most of yesterday in New Jersey taking photos for a job I am working on. I took this shot of the skyline view just before I left to go home. Wouldn’t it be nice to see this out your window all of the time, especially when the sky is sunny (and the weather warm enough to actually stay outside and enjoy it).

I loved taking the trains out to the various locations I was shooting at – it’s definitely my preferred method of transportation and I was completely satisfied looking out the window, watching the world go by. 

*Effects of image created using Dave Jaseck’s “Midnight Black” photoshop action and Holga Black Border by Smaragd.

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