“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and
then doesn’t hurt!”

Charles Schulz, (Lucy in Peanuts)


Today I made my Grandmother’s fudge recipe to send to my Dad for
Christmas. She used to make it for all of us at Christmas time and we always
looked forward to it – it’s delicious and sinful in all the right ways. It took
me a while to even try the recipe, so worried about failing at something that
reminded me so much of her. Now I delight in the smell of warm chocolate
drifting up from the pot as I think of her. She’s been gone a little over two
years and yet I still miss her as if it were yesterday. She was such an
original, a sassy “broad”, strong, loving, fiercely loyal,
hardworking, tough and yet soft. If I can become even half of the woman she
was, I’d be satisfied. So I leave you with thoughts of chocolate and a picture
of my beautiful Grandma Irene as a young woman and wish you happy reminders of
those that warm your heart even after they’re gone.

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  1. what a beauty!
    Isn’t it wonderful when the smell or taste of something brings you right back to a particular person? Espcially when that person is so special to you.
    I am sure she is smiling to know you are carrying on the tradition.

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